The sugar industry represents one of the most important economic activities that requires high power and consume a higher quantity of energy.

The sugarcane bagasse – sugarcane milled stalk, together with a sugarcane waste collection – provides almost all energy required for processing the sugarcane and gearmotors have an important role in mills to generating surplus power to sell to the electrical network.

Rossi has developed a wide range of products from G and H Series, helical and bevel helical gear reducers and gearmotors, to EP Series, planetary gear reducers and gearmotors to optimize machines performances and without wasting energy during the product lifecycle.

The latest generation of Rossi EP Series planetary gearboxes with a full range of ratios are suitable to support high axial and radial loads and able to withstand loads in all directions, granting low noise level. Furthermore, combined gearboxes EP planetary and G bevel-helical guarantee a higher compactness and thermal capacity increase.

All Rossi solutions guarantee high efficiency, low installation and maintenance costs and significantly reduced machines downtimes for the best mills performances.

Currently, about 120 countries produce sugar from either cane or beet, and eight countries produce sugar from both cane and beet. Sugarcane, on average, accounts for nearly 80% of global sugar production. The top ten major producers are India, Brazil, Thailand, China, USA, Mexico, Russia, Pakistan, France, Australia, accounted for nearly 70% of global output. If one refers to the world’s biggest and leading sugar producer, Brazil is still ranked the first. In addition, Brazil has produced more sugar for export. Thailand, however, is still ranked the fourth on sugar production and the second for sugar export following Brazil. Overall, during 2020/2021, sugar in the world market is expected to reach up to around 10%-40%, particularly in the US, India and Brazil.