2022 for Rossi started with great news.

A new product has just been launched on the market:
iFit, the gearmotors ready to fit your needs!

iFit is the innovative, international and interchangeable helical in-line gearmotors,
designed for a world in motion and available with ioT based smart inverter dDrive.

The main iFit features and benefits:

  • Fully interchangeable with market standards –> “Plug & Play” with no
    re-engineering costs
  • Made in Europe –>Superior quality, minimum maintenance
  • Full range with robust cast iron housing –> High performance and reliability:
    minimum deformation, no gearing misalignment, no vibration, and low noise level
  • Gear precision as per DIN/ISO 6 or better –> Energy saving, low noise level,
    reduced backlash
  • New IE2, IE3 compact electric motor –> Premium efficiency
  • High-quality sealing solutions –> Long lifetime, no oil leakage
  • Round shaped, smooth housing surface –> Wash down capability
  • Better Higher torque –> Up to 12% higher than market standard

For more information click on www.ifitgearmotors.com

Source: rossi.com